Lowest Payment Guarantee

American Capital Group, Inc. (hereinafter “American Capital Group” and or “ACG”) is committed to providing the best equipment financing solutions in the market. By doing so, we are committed to guaranteeing the lowest payment for the same equipment lease, or your first payment is on us.

Terms and Conditions:

American Capital Group guarantees to provide the lowest payment on equipment leased through American Capital Group or we will make the customers first payment up to $2,000. The comparable lease must be in excess of $15,000, for approved equipment, with the exact same terms and conditions offered by American Capital Group. Only non-contingent offers of lease terms from 24-60 months are eligible. Guarantee only valid on application only equipment leases with an equipment cost up to $150,000; equipment finance agreements or conditional sales contracts with a nominal purchase option do not qualify.

Lowest Payment Guarantee is valid on only new lease applications for both new and established customers of American Capital Group. Previously funded equipment leases with American Capital Group are not eligible for the Lowest Payment Guarantee. Leases involving subsidization by manufacturers and/or vendors will not be considered for Lowest Payment Guarantee.

Customer must provide documentation to American Capital Group within five (5) days from which terms are issued by American Capital Group. Lessee must provide a signed copy of the competing company's lease approval and lease contract with payment terms explicitly disclosed and must take delivery of the equipment. American Capital Group will not accept screenshots or other forms of proof of a lower lease contract that cannot be confirmed by American Capital Group. American Capital Group will verify the validity and accuracy of the competing lease contract, terms, and the vendor invoice as provided by the lessee. American Capital Group, in its sole discretion, will not verify any request that it believes is made fraudulently or in bad faith. American Capital Group has the option of beating the competing contract or making the customer's first payment up to $2,000. Payments will be made within 30 days and the lessee will remain liable for any and all applicable taxes and reporting.
American Capital Group reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Lowest Payment Guarantee program or restrict its availability to any person or business at any time, for any or no reason without prior notice or liability to American Capital Group and or the lessee. The failure by American Capital Group to enforce any provision of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.