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Master Lease Program

The Master Lease is a pre-approved credit line allowing for multiple funding transactions (take-downs) over an extended period of time. There are many benefits to writing a Master Lease with your Account Manager when you decide to lease equipment for your business. 

When you decide on what equipment you would like to lease also think about any other future equipment lease needs you will have throughout the year.  Then, ask your Account Manager to approve you for a Master Lease for the full amount you will need through that quarter or year.  When you are ready to order your equipment, you will have to sign the full lease agreement and all schedules for your first equipment takedown, but each takedown after that is a simple one-page Lease Schedule.  The Lease Schedule refers to the terms, conditions and guarantees of the Master Lease .

Steps to Secure Your Master Lease

  1. Establish a Master LeaseLine of Credit up to $2,000,000
  2. Locate your first piece of equipment to be leased
  3. Sign the Master Lease and Fund your first equipment acquisition
  4. Locate additional equipment and add the equipment with a one page schedule
  5. Continue adding equipment until you reach the maximum of your Master LeaseLine


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