Why Join

      There's a tight-knit family enviornment that ACG has established. We all help each other out. We all have an open door policy where we can ask anyone for advise or guidance.

      This is the best time to be a part of ACG. We're growing because we need to and it means we offer a lot of opportunity for growth.

     I never thought I’d feel so happy and at home with my job. It makes me feel good to be a part of team that looks out for each other, wants everyone to succeed as a team and has fun along the way


Learning Center

A place for you to learn from when you need guidance, tips, or examples to help you grow and succeed.

One-on-One Coaching

Personal coaching to better your strengths and improve on your weak spots.

Call Recaps & Reviews 

Discuss and gain insights from your own call trials and triumphs.

Encouraging Enviornment

Give and get advice from your peers. It’s a collaborative learning environment!

Marketing Internship

Email Marketing

Learn to code emails in HTML and build email Campaigns.

Blog Writing

Write insightful blogs to aid email campaigns.

Social Media

Be the content creator for ACG’s Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts.

So Much More

Learn to navigate hard-skill programs like Sendgrid, Wordpress, and Photoshop.

Database Internship

► Develope reports and dashboards to measure success of the campaigns and other projects.

► Perform database segmentation, generate prospect lists for sales team, and data entry into CRM systems.

► Monitor and resolve data quality issues.

► Assist in lead generation, lead scoring and evaluation of sales and marketing campaigns.

IT Internship

► Provide IT support service to in-office and employees.

► Troubleshoot servers and workstations.

► Research solutions for complex issues, analyze and solve technical problems.

► Work with Director of IT on project as needed.