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FAQ for Start-Ups

Are You a Business Owner?

Being a business owner is key in order to reap the benefits of financing and leasing. It is businesses that get the tax benefits and the glorious tax write offs of business equipment. Being a business owner not only helps you save money and keep a larger flow of cash open, but it also aids us in garnering the best rates in the business just for you.

Have You Been in Business for 3 Years or More?

The longer that you have been in business then the more you are aware of what your needs and costs are. Based off this information, we can be that much more attuned to helping your specific and detailed necessities and limitations. This helps us to get you the best plans that are specifically molded and constructed to your needs, your comfortability, and your satisfaction.

DoesYour Equipment Cost $10,000 or More?

If you plan to lease or finance $10,000 or less, chances are that they equipment will not produce you a positive return on investment. Having 10k and above allows us to provide you with not only the best pricing, but also the best monthly rates.

Upholding ourselves to this minimum has shown us a track record of benefiting our customers, as they not only reap the benefits of low rates and low prices, but also a higher return on their equipment. This in itself shows us how setting up the right guidelines brings us back satisfied customers time and time again.

Does Your Equipment Cost a lot to Maintain and Repair? Do You Want to Replace it?

If you plan to purchase equipment that is outdated easily, such as IT equipment, you will end up spending thousands of more dollars in purchasing new equipment every year or couple of years than you will by leasing the exact same equipment. Especially if your equipment need constant maintenance and repair, there will be more endless bills for you to be paying in order to keep your equipment in top shape at all times, versus a smaller bill in order to ensure that you have brand new top of the line equipment every time.

If you lease equipment instead of purchase, you are able to choose how long your term will be for, which opens up huge opportunity for you in the long run. This will allow you to trade in your older equipment for brand new equipment as often as you deem necessary, or as often as you want. From heavy duty equipment, machinery, IT, trucks/trailers, and so on and so forth, your opportunities for continuous growth will be endless.

Will Having the Equipment Foster More Business Revenue Overall?

If the equipment that you are interested in leasing or financing is pivotal to your business and will in turn produce larger revenues for your business overall, than it is key to invest in the equipment wisely. Especially if the equipment you have can produce a return, than it is important to keep it in great shape and form. That is why in order to help our clients, we have installed a brand new leasing calculator on our corporate website that allows you to single handedly go online and get your own personal estimates on rates, payments, and return on investments. With one simple click of a button you can get your own quotes without any hassles, obligations, or gimmicks.

 More so, if the equipment is a central part to your organization than it is also important to make certain that it is always in top shape and running full speed. Equipment leasing has proven to be the best choice with businesses that know their equipment and their worth to their company.