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Skid-Steer Equipment Leasing
If you are looking expand your business by increasing your fleet of equipment, getting a Skid-Steer is a great way to start. Skid-Steer or Bobcats are four wheel drive machines with a bucket in the front. Their compact size and power offers different uses for farm or construction work. With the ability to equip different attachments on the machine, they are suitable for any types of jobs.

Leasing a Skid-Steer will allow you to avoid the large up-front cost while being able to generate additional revenue right away.
Advantages of Skid-Steer Leasing
  • Staying ahead of your competitors - whenever your lease term ends, you can upgrade your equipment and get the latest technologies to increase your workflow and improve efficiency.
  • Conserve Your Cash Flow - by leasing your equipment, you can free up cash that can be used for other purpose like increasing inventory or new hires
  • Bid on more projects - by leasing, you can bid on more jobs without having to save up for an equipment purchase
American Capital Group can help with your skid-steer financing need

Financing a skid-steer is easy when you lease with American Capital Group. If you are looking to add new skid-steer loader, upgrade equipment, or other skid-steer attachments needs please call us at (949) 822-3017
or fill out a free quote form below. We will quickly provide you with a payment estimate so that you can easily assess the best way to lease skid-steer.

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