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Nuclear Medicine Camera Financing & Leasing
Lease your nuclear medicine camera through American Capital Group and provide your patients with all of the services they need with the most cutting-edge technology. We are a financial lending company, specializing in small to medium sized businesses, that you can trust. With a variety of financing options designed to fit your needs you can have your nuclear camera in as soon as one week!
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Services We Provide
  • Competitive rates, quick credit decisions and funding
  • Conserve working capital
  • Fast Approval - Get your equipment up and running in a week!
  • Keep more money open for other investments!
  • Bundle each equipment and soft-cost into one single payment!
See the benefits of leasing & financing compared to cash or loans.
Equipment We Finance
  • SPECT/CT Cameras
  • Cardiac Cameras
  • Discovery NM70b
  • Xeleris 3 Imaging Workstation
  • Infinia Cameras
  • Brivo NM615
  • Ventri Cameras
  • And More…
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